Item #E29017 Massage Parlor. Jennifer Sills.

Massage Parlor

New York: Ace, 1973. first printing. Softcover. First printing (stated). Softcovers with photo of the author on front cover. Very good. 254 pp. The cover proclaims Jennifer Sills as the "No. 1 Pleasure Palace Madam" and the book as "The shocking--and sometimes freaky-- story of the sexual phenomenon of the seventies...". The supposedly true story of a twenty-five year old suburban Chicago redhead, pretty enough to be a homecoming queen, bright and driven enough to turn a two-girl sex operation working out of a one-room apartment into a million dollar business---a plush, exotic, expensive"massage parlor" which, at the time of this publication was in the process of being turned into a chain reaching coast to coast. Very Good. Item #E29017

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